Yekaterinburg Metro

In 2011, Yekaterinburg Metro celebrated its 20 years in operation. Today, the metro line runs from the north of the city to the south.

After the inauguration of the line section between Geologicheskaya and Botanicheskaya stations on November 28, 2011, the total line length reached 12,7 km. Although one metro line is not enough, there are no plans of further extension of the metro system. The daily ridership on week days varies between 150 and 170 thousand passengers. If the surface public transport system changes the metro ridership may increase up to 200,000 passengers.

All metro trains consist of 4 cars. 13 trains have been in operation since 1991 and two extra trains were purchased in 2011.  Yekaterinburg Metro has a good reliable system of rolling stock maintenance and overhaul. When needed, new equipment is installed. In the past 2 years a new contactless train control system was introduced. To improve safety and security of passengers all the trains have been fitted out with CCTV.

Located right in the Urals the metro facilities often suffer from water coming in. The Track and Tunneling Department has developed effective measures for solving this problem.

The rails and the third rail of the metro are kept in perfect condition and modern equipment is used for finding cracks.

Yekaterinburg Metro workers have developed a snow clearing machine which has saved many hours of hard manual work.

All semi automatic signals of the metro have recently been replaced with electronic automatic train stop systems. The introduction of LED lamps has helped to improve the reliability of the equipment and to decrease power consumption.

The signaling relays are checked with a highly accurate SIRBK system. The results of the check can be saved as an electronic version or printed out.

The Electrical-Mechanical Department is responsible for reliable power supply and the introduction of new equipment.

In 2003, magnetic switches were replaced with vacuum switches.

To prevent power supply disruptions special АЗМ-2 equipment produced by NPO Avtomatika is being installed.

Seven of the nine stations of Yekaterinburg Metro are equipped with escalators. The maintenance and overhaul of the escalators is done in house following a special schedule.

Many of the metro facilities - ventilation, water, heating systems - are not visible to passengers and yet they play an important role in the metro operations. All these systems are controlled automatically.

The operation of Yekaterinburg Metro lies completely in the hands of its workers. Being very professional and dedicated people they are the key to success of this transport mode.


Key Performance Indicators, 2012  
Total operational length (two tracks), km 12,71
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 9
            including number of stations with one exit 5
Metro system density ( per city km.) 0,025
Number of pairs of trains per hour 15
Minimum headway, sec 240
Fulfilment of train schedule, % 99,99
Inventory rolling stock, cars 62
Rolling stock in operation, cars 62
Total car/km, mio. 6,6
Number of depots 1
Average operational train speed, km/h. 49,08
Average train speed, km/h. 40,04
Power consumption, mio. kWh 28,47
             including power for train traction, mio. kWh 13,09
Specific energy consumption for traction, Wh per t/km 54,60
Number of substations 18
Length of power cable systems, km 390
Number of escalators in operation 25
Number of stations with escalators 7
Length of lines equipped with speed control systems, km., including: 16,9
             as a main signaling system, km. 16,9
             with seamless track circuit, km. 9,07
Number of switches 67
Number of ventilation shafts in operation 22
Number of ventilators in operation 49
Number of water drainage installations 53
Operational length of tunnels, km. 40
Staff responsible for operations, pers. 1398
Total ridership, mio. pax. 47,60
Average daily ridership, mio. pax. 0,129
Cost of transportation of 1 passenger, rub. 18,69
Modal share, % 19,79



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