Tashkent Metro

Tashkent Metro is one of the most popular means of transport in the capital of Uzbekistan. It is a unique transport complex with a peculiar architectural design of the stations and the use of the latest technologies to provide high quality passenger services.

After collapse of the USSR Tashkent Metro managed to get a strong position among the transport systems of the country. It is often used as a reference when speaking about high safety and security standards and high service quality in the transport sector.


Tashkent Metro in figures:
Number of lines 3
Total length, km 36,2
Number of stations 29
Number of depots 3
Daily ridership, mio pax 0,653
Number of interchange stations 3
Inventory rolling stock, thous 0,204
Fulfillment of train schedule, % 100
Minimum headway, sec 180



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