Saint Petersburg Metro

начальник метрополитена Гарюгин Владимир Александрович

In 2013, Saint Petersburg Metro system consisted of 67 stations, 3,5 thousand trains operating on 5 metro lines and carrying 2,3 million passengers per day and around 14,5 thousand workers taking good care of the system. Saint Petersburg Metro is not only a complex transport system but also a continuously developing company aimed at offering transport services to many generations of inhabitants of the great city.

Vladimir Garyugin
Chief of Saint Petersburg Metro


Saint Petersburg Metro in figures:
Number of lines 5
Total length, km 113,52
Number of stations 67
Number of depots 6
Daily ridership, mio pax 2,08
Number of interchange stations 7
Inventory rolling stock, thous 1619
Fulfillment of train schedule, % 99,91
Minimum headway, sec 85



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