Novosibirk Metro


There is an event in the history of any city that makes its citizens intensely proud. In Novosibirsk, for example, it was the introduction of the first and the only metro in Siberia. In 1985, the first metro line 7,3 km long was opened for passengers. In 1987, 1991 and 1992, five more stations were inaugurated. Year 2000 marked the inauguration of Marshala Pokryshkina station, followed by Berezovaya Roshcha station in 2005 and Zolotaya Niva station in 2011.

Today, Novisibirsk Metro features 2 lines, 15,9 km of tracks and 13 stations. It is considered to be the most comfortable and reliable means of public transport in Novosibirsk.


Novosibirsk Metro in figures:
Number of lines 2
Total length, km 15,9
Number of stations 13
Number of depots 1
Daily ridership, mio pax 0,225
Number of interchange stations 1
Inventory rolling stock, thous 0,092
Fulfillment of train schedule, % 99,98
Minimum headway, sec 165


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