Baku Metro

Year 2012 was special not only for the International Metro Association but also for Baku Metro which celebrated 45 years of operation.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and it covers the territory of over 150 sq. km. stretching along 20 km. of sea line. The modern architecture fits nicely with the traditional old buildings creating the image of the new city which is undeniably one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of the Middle East. The oil industry has turned Baku into a densely populated scientific and cultural centre of the Caucasus and the former USSR. For this reason, the construction of the metro system as the fastest and the most comfortable means of transport was initially high on the agenda.


Baku Metro in figures:
Number of lines 2
Total length, km 34,56
Number of stations 23
Number of depots 1
Daily ridership, mio pax 0,519
Number of interchange stations 1
Inventory rolling stock, thous 0,266
Fulfillment of train schedule, % 99,96
Minimum headway, sec 120

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