Prague metro

The Prague metro

The first section of Prague metro, with nine stations was opened on 9 may 1974 (part line between the stations Florenc and Kačerov). The last section was put into operation on 6 April 2015 in the Western part of the city on line A between the stations dejvická and Motol Nemocnice. For more than forty years underground road has become an integral part of the transport system of the metropolis. Currently, the Prague metro carries more than half of the traffic. The Prague metro is the only one in the Czech Republic. The operation is a joint-stock company Transport company of Prague.

Metro is currently assumed of the three lines marked with colors and letters: A (green) with 17 stations on 17 km route, (yellow) with 24 stations 26 km of motorway and With (red) with 20 stations, 22 km track. In the future, envisages the construction of a new line D (blue). The total length of the lines is 65.2 km with 61 stations, of which by November 2015 40 was barrier-free. The transition between lines is provided at three stations in the Central part of the city, constituting the so-called interchange triangle. This station Muzeum (transition between lines A and C), Můstek (transition between lines A and b) and Florenc station (transfer between lines b and C). Each line has its own depot: A depot Gostivar, the line In the depot zličín line C – Kačerov Depot.


Rolling stock metro consists of 53 petiverana Siemens M1 trains operated on the line C and 93 petiverana trains Mytishchi 81-71М, upgraded the company Škoda Transportation used on lines A and B.