Vago-Rev specialises in maintenance and manufacturing of any type of metro cars.

The company has all the necessary design and engineering documentation for carrying out this type of work.

  1. Facilities: numerous pieces of machinery, integrated maintenance workshop, access routes, necessary infrastructure, production department, experienced specialists (designers, engineers, technicians etc).
  2. Developments: the company deploys its own technologies for rolling stock maintenance, its equipment has been tested and installed in Kharkov Metro, to improve the safety and reliability of transport services the rolling stock has been modernized.
  3. Advantages: Vago-Rev has all the necessary documentation for this type of work, it has an engineering department, a lab and over 200 workers. The company has ISO 2009 certificate.
  4. Partners: Vago-Rev collaborates with a number of companies in Kharkov, Ukraine and Russia, such as Kommunar Union (Kharkov, Ukraine), LOT (Kharkov, Ukraine), Kryukov Car-Building Plant (Kremenchug, Ukraine), Metrovagonmash (Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russia), Avangard-Konversiya (Moscow, Russia) and others.
  5. Commissioning: the work and the commissioning of the rolling stock is controlled together with the specialists from Metrovagonmash and Kharkov Metro.

The quick pace of development of Vago-Rev is facilitated by its ambitious staff who work hard to improve the quality of its products and maintenance.




7/9 Ivanova st., Kharkov
61002 Ukraine

Tel./fax: +38 057 739 18 95, +38 057 714 05 07



Director: Yan Sivinsky