Генеральный директор акционерного общества Богатырев Борис Юрьевич  Андреев Андрей АнатольевичOAO METROWAGONMASH, the engineering plant in Mytishchi (Moscow region), is one of the oldest Russian railway car manufacturers in Russia.

In May 2017, Metrowagonmash celebrated its 120-th anniversary.

Mytishchi plant was the first Russian factory to start a metro car production. It was there that the first metro cars for Moscow Metro were designed and manufactured.

In more than 75 years Metrowagonmash has produced over 8,000 metro cars for the metro systems in Russia, the CIS, including more than 1,000 cars for Budapest, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw metros.

Metrowagonmash is an active member of the International Metro Association.

The annual meetings of the rolling stock specialists organised by the Metro Association help us better understand the operational problems of the rolling stock and propose solutions for making the metro cars safer and more reliable.

Metrowagonmash provides the metro systems with regulatory documents, user manuals, maintenance reports, recommendations on the rolling stock maintenance and overhaul and offers help with modernising the fleet in operation.

In the past five years, Metrowagonmash has been working at improving metro cars.

Over the years, people’s attitude to metro systems has changed and passenger expectations have risen dramatically.

The key requirements of today are comfortable and safe travel and the reliability of the rolling stock.

Based on technical specifications from Moscow Metro, Metrowagonmash has developed 81-760 and 81-761 stock.

These new cars are fitted out with modern electronic equipment and have high level of reliability, safety and comfort.

In 2010, a test train consisting of 81-760, 81-761 stock cars was made. After the trial run in Moscow Metro in 2011 the acceptance commission allowed to start the production of this stock.

The new cars have the following characteristics:

  • they can be used on both underground and overground line sections;
  • modern interior and exterior design;
  • anti-corrosive car body with stainless steel panelling;
  • high level of noise and heat insulation;
  • extra capacity;
  • modern low-combustible materials;
  • new type of bogies with individual traction drives;
  • air suspension for smooth travel;
  • modern digital passenger information systems;
  • reliable asynchronous traction drive with low energy consumption;
  • space for wheelchairs and prams;
  • increased service life (up to 35 years);
  • a new maintenance schedule that helps to cut maintenance costs has been proposed for the new cars.

Comfortable passenger travel is enabled by air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in passenger areas, good quality LED lighting, smooth travel thanks to a vibration absorbing frame, UV air disinfection systems, a digital information system, information panels over the doors showing the positioning of the trains on the metro line, a communication system with train drivers and a loudspeaking system.

The driver’s cab is fitted out with air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems, a modern train control system, a CCTV system monitor, a digital information display and a monitor of the train control, diagnostics and safety systems. The driver’s chair absorbs vibration and the cab interior has anti-noise coating.

The new cars are fitted out with important systems that guarantee safe travel: a system of safe train operation, braking systems (electric brake, electro pneumatic brake, emergency brake, emergency pneumatic brake, parking break), an automatic train control system, a train equipment diagnostics system which sends all the information to the display in the driver’s cab, CCTV in passenger cars.

Head cars are also equipped with CCTV cameras outside. The CCTV images are monitored in the Control Centre. The door systems feature an alarm and an anti-jamming system and the cars are separated.

Metrowagonmash has also modernised 81-717, 81-714 car series.

It is expected that the modernised cars will have more reliable equipment that will help to cut maintenance costs, improve passenger safety and travel experience.

In 2011, Metrowagonmash manufactured the first batch of 81-717.6, 81-714.6 stock trains for Moscow Metro. The modernised cars feature fiberglass wall panels, anti-slide linoleum on the floor, unusual handlebars. The cars are painted with polyurethane enamel and the head cars feature emergency exits.

The car bogies have an extended service life (up to 31 years), the cars are fitted out with reliable state-of-art electrical equipment with a contactless motor drive system, an in-built diagnostics system and a new power source.

The doors feature an electric drive and anti-jamming system. The pneumatic equipment is fitted out with brake control block with electropneumatic valves.

The door air dispensers and door cylinders were manufactured by Kamozzi.

Forced ventilation system provides for comfortable passenger travel. The cars are equipped with digital information panels and route maps. The driver’s cab is slightly bigger than in the previous series of cars and it features extra sound insulation, air conditioning and heating systems, a modern control panel, and a driver’s chair that absorbs vibration.

Safe train operation is enabled by BARS-S system.

To prevent passengers from falling on track in the gap between the cars, a special protective screen was put up.

The trains are fitted out with CCTV and train operation recording system.

Depending on train operation conditions and requirements from Russian and CIS metro systems Metrowagonmash is ready to offer both the new rolling stock series and the modernised 81-717, 81-714 stock.


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