Kryukov Car Building Plant

«Kryukov Car Building Plant is one of the biggest car manufacturers in Ukraine. It specialises in freight and passenger rolling stock production.

As metro is considered to be the fastest, the greenest, the safest and the most comfortable means of public transport with a very high capacity there is a global trend of increasing its modal share in the cities.

Based on the needs of the metro systems Kryukov Car Building Plant began the production of spare parts for metro equipment and escalators.

Original facilities, floor by floor and tunnel escalators produced by the plant were installed in Kiev and Moscow metros and Kharkov and Lvov city halls. After this, the plant switched to the development and manufacturing of metro cars which became one of its major projects.

In 2005, Kryukov Car Building Plant supported by the specialists from Kiev Metro and Ukrainian Car Building Research Institute made its first DC-drive metro train based on its own experience and the technologies used by partners. The external lining of the car body is made of seamless steel plates and fiberglass for head cars.

The cars feature plug doors located at equal distance from each for better passenger flow.

There is a forced ventilation and an air conditioning system, space for wheelchair users, CCTV, a door block system against unauthorised door openings, noise and heat insulation on the high capacity trains. The trains comply with European standards.

Six 5-car trains produced by the Kryukov Car Building Plant are now in operation in Kiev Metro and are often praised by passengers.

The specialists of the plant have developed another train series with asynchronous traction drive, bogies with pneumatic suspension which provide for better traction, smoother acceleration and braking and more effective power consumption (35-40% less power consumption than before).

These new cars are now being tested in Kiev Metro.

The specialists of the Kryukov Car Building Plant are aware of the fact that developing a new product is a complex process and all the difficulties need to be dealt with immediately. For this reason, the plant has always sought to promote high-technology projects.

The membership in the International Metro Association is of paramount importance to the plant as it helps to faster introduce new developments and to get valuable advice from metro specialists responsible for operations.

Thus, the plant workers can better analyse their work, simplify manufacturing processes, continuously improve their product and control the after sales service using new technologies.

It’s not an easy task to put an idea into practice, especially in the engineering sector. Nevertheless, the best way to achieve the goal is to work towards it. This is the work strategy of the 8,000 specialists working at the Kryukov Car Building Plant.


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Kryukov Car Building Plant


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