Center for Transport Innovation (CTI) was founded in 1992. For more than 25 years, CTI has been creating integrated IT solutions for rail and urban transport companies.

Specialists of CTI for the Moscow Metro developed and introduced the first automated systems for passportization and accounting failures of rolling stock equipment, planning and accounting for the work of locomotive brigades. For the first time on the subway on the basis of personal computers, an automated system of personnel management, accounting, payroll calculation was developed and implemented in all services and subway depots.

The priority task of the company is to provide our customers with individual projects in all areas - from integrated management systems to distributed information systems.

The solution of such tasks is impossible without providing a full cycle of development and implementation. The development of any project in the CTI begins with a pre-project survey of the subject area, and after the creation of the software and information product, a full cycle of implementation, technical support, and maintenance of the entire range of solutions is carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

Over the years of successful project-innovative activities, Center for Transport Innovation has accumulated a rich experience in technical audit, system integration, and development of methodological support.

Integrated information technology platform for the development of corporate IT solutions

The main direction of work today is the development and implementation of solutions based on the Integrated information technology platform MBuilder, created for CTI, designed for the development, corporate publication and updating of all types of technological documentation accompanying a complex technical product throughout the life cycle.

MBuilder is used to create and publish electronic hierarchical equipment catalogs, interactive repair and maintenance manuals, maps of technological processes, development of corporate training and knowledge monitoring systems.

Interactive hierarchical 3D catalogs are developed in strict accordance with the design documentation or imported from the CAD systems of rolling stock and equipment manufacturers. Elements of the model are supported by detailed textual and graphical information about the performance standards, materials and tolerance standards. The CTI's solutions provide the storage and interactive 3D representation of product structure of any complexity, including purchased and standard components of the construction.

Using our platform, Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) can be developed, which are a modern means of providing reference, training and project information. IETM graphically display the structure, the principle of operation, the rules for servicing the units and assemblies, provide easy access to construction information, 3D models of parts and assemblies, and an interactive description of maintenance and repair operations.

CTI uses the latest developments in the field of interactive 3D animation for technological processes. The user gets an ability to select the angle and scale of the presentation of each technological operation, step by step displaying the individual stages of the technological process, providing the possibility of their detailed study and increasing the efficiency of primary training, re-training, and development of staff.

IETP is applicable for every workplace in the transport enterprise - from the inspector to the head.

The automated system of information support for repair (AS ISR), based on the specialized functionality of the Integrated Information Technology Platform. This system organizes the development of technological documentation on the basis of integrated interactive catalogs of assembly units of rolling stock and equipment, guides of technological operations, information on the equipment of repair companies.

AS ISR of rolling stock and sophisticated equipment of transport infrastructure can improve the efficiency of repair by providing staff with detailed maps of technological processes, accurate regulation of the consumption of material resources and time for each operation. Formation of technological processes is conducted by technologists - users of the system, in accordance with the access rights. In the adaptive modular architecture, a system of accounting for the equipment of repair companies is provided, which allows to take into account the availability and occupation of repair equipment, when planning repairs. And also to forecast the need for repair facilities in the tool, consumables, and spare parts.

The platform includes a subsystem for maintaining the corporate NSI, which can work both autonomously and in integration with the financial and warehouse accounting systems used at the company. This technical solution allows you to integrate into the single informational space the maps of technological processes, interactive catalogs of the product composition, reference books of the inventory.

Implemented solutions

Moscow Metro

-          Integrated interactive learning system

-          Integrated system for testing and monitoring knowledge

-          Automated system for recording malfunctions of the Moscow Metro

-          Software and hardware complex "Passportization of SCB equipment"

-          Integrated automated system "Business Process Management"

St. Petersburg Metro

-          Interactive catalog of assembly units "Electrical equipment and train electronic devices"

-          Interactive catalog of assembly units "Pneumatic equipment of Metro railway carriages"

-          Interactive catalog of assembly units "Mechanical equipment of Metro railway carriages"

LLC "Locomotive Technologies"

-          Interactive hierarchical catalogs of locomotives

-          Complex system of support of technological process of repair on the basis of electronic catalog of locomotives

"Gorelectrotrans" (Urban Electric Transport, St. Petersburg)

-          Automated system of creation and storage of technological documentation

"Russian Railways"

-          Interactive electronic technical manuals for the offices of the Central Infrastructure Directorate

-          Development of interactive training aids for working specialties, commissioned by the Corporate Center for Development of Vocational Training for Personnel of Russian Railways

-          Creation of interactive electronic technical manuals commissioned by the Department of Carriage Economy and the Directorate for the Repair of Traction Rolling Stock

-          Automated system of information support and operative monitoring of the activities of branches of «Russian Railways» on scientific and technical information

"Tver Railway Carriage Building Plant"

-          Interactive electronic technical manuals

"LuganskTeplovoz" (Lugansk Engineering Plant)

-          Interactive catalogs of the main diesel locomotives of series 2ТЭ116

"United Wagon Company"

-          Interactive electronic technical manuals

"Bryans Engineering Plant"

-          Interactive catalogs of equipment for main diesel locomotives

"Termotron-Zavod" (Electrical equipment plant)

-          Interactive electronic technical manuals



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