Alstom Transport in Russia

Alstom Transport in Russia

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ALSTOM Transport develops and markets rolling stock, rail equipment and the most complete range of infrastructure and signaling systems. It offers rail equipment and rail network maintenance as well as complex solutions for the urban transport market and regional trains. On April 3, 2007, ALSTOM Transport set the world rail speed record of 574,8 km/h. 

Having signed a partnership agreement with the leading Russian rail manufacturer in 1520 railway market ZAO Transmashholding (TMH) and having acquired a 25% stake of the company, Alstom Transport signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian Railways (RZhD) and TMH to begin the development of ЭП20 and 2ЭС5 electric locomotives. Alstom-TMH and Kazakhstan railways set up a special joint enterprise to begin the production of the electric locomotives in Kazakhstan.


Projects in the CIS:

Moscow Metro: the delivery of ONIX propulsion systems for 81-740/741 stock trains in 2002-2006.

Pendolino “Allegro” high-speed trains for the Helsinki-St Petersburg line (operated since 2010). The operating speed of the trains is up to 220 km/h.

EP20 electric locomotive developed for the Russian Railways: a fifth generation electric locomotive, currently the fastest in Russia, with the speed capacity up to 200 kph. EP20s were used on the Moscow-Sochi line to transport people to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

KZ8A and KZ4AT electric locomotives for Kazakhstan Railways. Produced in Kazakhstan, the electric locomotives will be used on the second largest rail network in Russia.

Production of maintenance-free switches in Kazakhstan-based plant.

2ЭС5 freight electric locomotives with asynchronous traction drives developed for the Russian Railways are the locomotives with the biggest capacity in Russia.


New technologies and products for metro systems


Based on the years of experience of metro rolling stock and equipment production Alstom Transport developed Metropolis - custom ordered trainsets allowing the clients choose the size, the design and the materials (steel or aluminum) used. The Metropolis trains can carry up to 100,000 passengers in one direction. The Metropolis configurations comply with international requirements and have received certification in many countries. A Metropolis train can consist of 3 to 10 cars, be 16 to 25 metres long and 2,6 to 3,2 metres wide. The design of the trains can be chosen by an operating company.

Automated signaling systems, passenger information systems

Alstom Transport offers new rail technologies that comply with all safety norms and increase capacity. The signaling systems developed by Alstom Transport improve the quality of transport services attracting more passengers. URBALIS is a CBTC based product for rail operators.


Urbalis Fluence is the first CBTC for urban transport based on direct train-to-train communication. This optimal architecture reduces the amount of trackside equipment and provides for faster signal communication. Optimising the traffic and improving the safety, the system can reduce the headway up to 60 seconds.


The services offered by Alstom Transport include power supply to railway tracks and equipment delivery to track sections, stations and depots. The company has developed a range of innovative solutions in this area.


AXONIS is a turnkey light metro system designed to run on an elevated viaduct, in underground tunnels or at street-level in the suburbs. The system design can makes it possible to reduce project execution time and construction costs considerably.

APPITRACK is a fast automated tracklaying machine.


HESOP is a braking energy recovery solution.