Руководитель объединения «Метроинжреконструкция» - Тартынский Виктор Васильевич, почетный железнодорожник СССР, заслуженный строитель РФMETROINZHREKONSTRUKTSIYA (MIR) consists of 7 production companies that offer design, construction, testing and commissioning services both for metro construction and metro renovation projects. There are 1050 experienced workers in ZAO “MIR”. ZAO “MIR” specialises in escalators overhaul and maintenance (also in Prague Metro) and station and vestibules renovation works (e.g. in Moscow Metro).

ZAO “MIR” consists of 7 manufacturing companies:

  • Electric Installation Complex;
  • MIR Reconstruction Department;
  • Construction Department №3;
  • MIR Transport Department;
  • Special Construction Department
  • AT-Proekt;
  • Ventilation and Plumbing Department.

Owing to the increase in the amount of work, MIR is planning to open minimum 3 extra departments. Thus, in the future it will consist of 10 special manufacturing companies offering metro reconstruction, construction and design services.


ZAO "Metroinzhrekonstruktsiya"

13, Luganskaya st., Moscow, 115304, Russia

Tel.:+7 495 622 14 39, fax:+7 495 321 51 52