Our team

The work of the International Metro Association is carried out in its headquarters in Moscow. There are six highly qualified specialists headed by the General Director of the Association there. The Association invites specialists from different companies to come together and solve common problems. The programme of the conferences, seminars, technical and management meetings is drawn up on a yearly basis. The members of the Association come together to discuss burning issues, to find effective solutions to existing problems and to implement new technologies and new working methods. The number of the meetings varies from 10 to 12 per year.

All the meetings and seminars organised by the Association are held in Russia and the CIS. Metro specialists come together to discuss crucial issues and to offer recommendations for solving existing problems. During technical visits, they observe new technologies implemented in metro systems. This way of work has proved to be extremely effective as it helps to address a wide range of questions and to find practical solutions on the spot. In October 2011, for instance, metro signaling specialists met in Kharkov to analyse micro processing train management systems.

Metro Association team

Igor Ermolenko

General Director

Tel.: +7 495 688 00 14 E-mail: ikermolenko@mail.ru


Dmitry Golovin

First Deputy General Director

Tel.: +7 495 688 02 18 E-mail: dagolovin@mail.ru


Sergey Mizgiryov

Chief Engineer

Tel.: +7 495 688 00 47


Vyacheslav Kuryshev

Chief Technologist

Tel.: +7 495 688 00 74 E-mail:asmetro-kva@mail.ru

Elena Borisova

Chief Accountant, Economist

Tel.: +7 495 688 03 57 E-mail: borasmetro@yandex.ru


Valentina Golubeva


Tel./fax: +7 495 688 02 89 E-mail: asmetro-gvb@mail.ru