Our missions

By bringing together groups of metro specialists and advocating their interests the Association helps to coordinate their work with regard to technical regulations, scientific developments, reconstruction and modernisation processes of facilities and equipment and introduction of new products.

The main work areas of the Association are as follows:

  • organising the preparation of the policy documents aimed at improving the work of the metro systems and workers, submitting the documents to the government of the Russian Federation and the CIS and participating in their implementation;
  • facilitating cooperation between metro operators and manufacturers with regard to the maintenance of metro vehicles and production of spare parts;
  • organising the exchange of experience for metro operators;
  • facilitating the international business activity of the metros and their participation in international events.

Besides, the Association:

  • helps to solve issues on metro equipment procurement and logistics;
  • improves safety and security of passenger travel;
  • organises joint publishing and scientific work;
  • acts as a consultancy for the members of the Association;
  • acts as a platform for the exchange of experience for police and security units in the metro systems.