Samara Metro


директор метрополитена Шамин Сергей Владимирович

The first line section of Kuibyshev (now Samara) Metro was inaugurated on December 25, 1987. It was 4,7 km long and featured 4 stations.

Nine more stations have been brought into passenger service since 1987 and the total length of the network has risen up to 10,9 km.

At first, metro train drivers had their training in Kharkovsk Metro, then in a special college of Kinelsk and it was only in 1992 that the special training centre was opened in Samara. Between 1992 and 2011, over 160 train drivers had their training there.

Samara Metro was one of the first metro systems of USSR to introduce the Dnepr system for controlling train intervals and safety. The system was developed by Kiev Metro and All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport.

Technologies used in Samara Metro:

- in 2002, Samara Metro replaced the waveguide with RFXT 7/8"-50 MBNF radio frequency transmitting cable which helped introduce a radio communication system and a mobile phone network in tunnels,

- in 2003, a multichannel signal registration system was introduced,

- 2003 - 2007: the countdown clocks at stations were modernised,

- since 2005, a number of anti-terrorist measures and systems have been introduced.

Every metro station is equipped with 3 CCTV cameras. The images are sent to the station manager, control centre and the police. A special digital system is used for recording and storing the video.

The cameras also help control the trespassing in Kirovskoe depot and the metro headquarters. The depot premises are protected with an alarm system.

There are 10 CCTV cameras in the metro headquarters. The images from the cameras are monitored by the guards in the vestibule of the main office building.

Kirovskoe depot is equipped with 90 CCTV cameras and the images are monitored by the security guards at the entrance to the depot.


Access control systems are installed:

- at all metro stations:


    access to staff rooms from passenger areas.

- in metro headquarters:

    on the ground floor,

    at all levels,

    at the entrance to the backyard.

- in Kirovskoe depot:

    at all checkpoints,

    at garage entrance,

    at the entrance to the offices.

In 2004, Samara Metro introduced a complex automated control system which helps control the work of traction substations, escalators, ventilation and other systems.

In 2005, a train radio system and a security system were installed.

In 2008, Samara Metro introduced a fire protection system.

In 2008, an automated system controlling fare payment was installed. It was integrated into the fare collection system.

In July 2008, an Electronic Ticket - Samara transport payment system was introduced.

In 2009, one of the depot engineers developed a traction motor station which was installed in the network.

In 2011, all metro trains were fitted with LED on-board signaling system developed by Sarmat.

Since 2000, all underground stations gradually shifted to electrical heating. The autonomous heating systems have shown good operational results and effective reduction of costs.

All heating units feature an automatic heat control system. The system controls the temperature and the pressure.

In 2010, Moskovskaya station was fitted out with an escalator remote control system.

Much work has been done to improve safety and security of the metro system. In 2011, three metro stations were equipped with special security check equipment and systems.

In 2012, Samara Metro celebrated 25 years in operation.


Key Performance Indicators, 2012  
Total operational length (two tracks), km 10,3
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 9
            including number of stations with one exit 1
Metro system density ( per city km.) 19
Number of pairs of trains per hour 9
Minimum headway, sec 420
Fulfilment of train schedule, % 99,88
Inventory rolling stock, cars 46
Rolling stock in operation, cars 46
Total car/km, mio. 3,798
Number of depots 1
Average operational train speed, km/h. 39,0
Average train speed, km/h. 34,0
Power consumption, mio. kWh 17,06
             including power for train traction, mio. kWh 7,53
Specific energy consumption for traction, Wh per t/km 56,1
Number of substations 14
Length of power cable systems, km 495,75
Number of escalators in operation 12
Number of stations with escalators 3
Length of lines equipped with speed control systems, km., including: 10,3
             as a main signaling system, km. 10,3
             with seamless track circuit, km. 9,4
Number of switches 66
Number of ventilation shafts in operation 16
Number of ventilators in operation 31
Number of water drainage installations 50
Operational length of tunnels, km. 20,3
Staff responsible for operations, pers. 1003
Total ridership, mio. pax. 16,23
Average daily ridership, mio. pax. 44
Cost of transportation of 1 passenger, rub. 33,95
Modal share, % 9,4



Samara Metro headquarters:

11a, Gagarina st., 443079, Samara

Tel.: + 7 846 336 19 01

Fax: + 7 846 336 14 27


Working hours: 08.00 — 16.45