Novosibirk Metro

Кошкин В.М.

There is an event in the history of any city that makes its citizens intensely proud. In Novosibirsk, for example, it was the introduction of the first and the only metro in Siberia. In 1985, the first metro line 7,3 km long was opened for passengers. In 1987, 1991 and 1992, five more stations were inaugurated. Year 2000 marked the inauguration of Marshala Pokryshkina station, followed by Berezovaya Roshcha station in 2005 and Zolotaya Niva station in 2011.

Today, Novisibirsk Metro features 2 lines, 15,9 km of tracks and 13 stations. It is considered to be the most comfortable and reliable means of public transport in Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk Metro carries over 17% of the city’s public transport passengers and this figure is steadily rising. A quick and a safe journey in the Siberian metropolis with its harsh climate is the priority for its citizens. Being in operation for 26 years the metro has become an integral part of the city transport system.

By February, 2012 Novosibirsk Metro carried 2 billion passengers.

Year 2012 was announced as the year of Cosmos in Russia to commemorate 50 years since Yury Gagarin’s flight to cosmos. For this reason, Gagarinskaya metro station was redesigned. The station vestibules and the platform were decorated with the portraits of the first cosmonaut, the walls and the columns were decorated with stars. The new design gave a completely new look to the station.

The successful operation of Novosibirsk Metro is made possible by its workers. They are working hard to improve passenger services and to make the metro system even more attractive for passengers.

Key Performance Indicators, 2012  
Total operational length (two tracks), km 15,9
Number of lines 2
Number of stations 13
            including number of stations with one exit -
Metro system density ( per city km.) 0,072
Number of pairs of trains per hour 21
Minimum headway, sec 165
Fulfilment of train schedule, % 99,98
Inventory rolling stock, cars 92
Rolling stock in operation, cars 92
Total car/km, mio. 9,385
Number of depots 1
Average operational train speed, km/h. 43,59
Average train speed, km/h. 37,70
Power consumption, mio. kWh 39,5
             including power for train traction, mio. kWh 20,1
Specific energy consumption for traction, Wh per t/km 57,8
Number of substations 15
Length of power cable systems, km 1172
Number of escalators in operation 32
Number of stations with escalators 7
Length of lines equipped with speed control systems, km., including: 17,76
             as a main signaling system, km. 17,76
             with seamless track circuit, km. 7,81
Number of switches 84
Number of ventilation shafts in operation 28
Number of ventilators in operation 52
Number of water drainage installations 75
Operational length of tunnels, km. 38,16
Staff responsible for operations, pers. 1498
Total ridership, mio. pax. 82,5
Average daily ridership, mio. pax. 0,225
Cost of transportation of 1 passenger, rub. 15,17
Modal share, % 43


Metro headquarters:

34, Serebrennikovskaya, 630099 Novosibirsk

Tel.: +7 383 238 81 10

Tel./fax: +7 383 346 56 82