Kazan Metro

Галявов Асфан Галямович

MUP Metroelektrotrans is one of the biggest transport companies in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The surface and the underground transport is operated by 19 departments.

The surface transport infrastructure includes: a tram depot, 2 trolleybus depots, power utilities, overground tracks and fleet.

The metro infrastructure consists of a depot, power utilities and metro tracks.

Both land and underground transport systems have joint management, IT specialists, Safety and Security Department, Chief Inspector, utilities administration and a sewing room.

The decision to begin the construction of Kazan Metro was taken on March 2, 2004. One month later, Asfan Galyavov was appointed the Head of Kazan Metro and the preparation for the construction of the first line section began.

The line was inaugurated during the celebrations of 1000 years of Kazan on August 27, 2005. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev attended the ceremony. The Head of Kazan Metro (now MUP Metroelektrotrans) Asfan Galyavov was awarded the order of Badge of Honour for his outstanding work.

Today, Kazan Metro consists of 7 stations: 6 shallow stations and one station on a metro bridge.



Rolling Stock

There are two types of rolling stock in Kazan Metro: 81-533.3.С4 stock produced by Vagonmash car building plant in Saint Petersburg and Rusich stock trains with asynchronous motor (in operation since 2010) produced by Metrovagonmash in Mytishchi, Moscow region. The trains are operated by one driver. There are 8 trains in operation in Kazan Metro.

Automatic systems

One of the most important systems used in Kazan Metro is an automatic train control system which ensures safe train operations.

Other automatic systems used in Kazan Metro include:

1. reliable power supply system (based on Galaxy-3000 uninterruptible power supply units),

2. wire communication system,

3. loudspeaking system for announcements at platforms, in vestibules, corridors and tunnels,

4. synchronised timing system (the station clocks time is set up in the headquarters),

5. CCTV system with the images monitored by station manager and metro police,

6. fire detection system which sends the signal to a station manager, a train dispatcher and ventilation system managers,

7. access control system,

8. intrusion detection system which sends the information to a station manager and the metro police in case of trespassing,

9. radio communication system,

10. automatic fare collection system,

11. data transmission system (used for signaling systems),

12. automatic system controlling the work of escalators, traction substations, light and ventilation,

13. local IT system.

To ensure safe and secure passenger transportation all metro stations have been equipped with explosion-resistant containers, metal screen gateways, portable metal detectors, stationary X-ray machines (Homo Scan), portable X-ray TV systems Norka-160, stationary X-ray machines for checking luggage and radiation control equipment. There is also a system protecting from natural disasters and a transport information system in Kazan Metro.

In December 2008, the President of Russia signed the decree to begin the preparation for the World summer Student Games in Kazan in 2013. Around 2 million people are expected to come to Kazan for this event.

In order to improve transport services for the citizens of Kazan and to prepare for the World summer Student Games the second section of Line 1 is going to be built. Thus, after the inauguration of the second line section (5,093 km long, 3 stations) Kazan Metro will have 10 stations with 17,3 km of tracks.

The extension of the line will connect business, cultural and sports facilities with residential areas and the city centre. The Students’ Village and the sports grounds will be located close to the new metro stations.

In 2005, Kazan Metro inaugurated its first training centre. Two years later, it was turned into the Professional Surface and Underground Transport College and in 2010 it was renamed into Professional Technical College for Surface and Underground Electric Transport Specialists. At the moment, it is the only transport college in the Republic of Tatarstan.

MUP Metroelektrotrans often participates in sports competitions. In 2007, Kazan Metro participated in the sports competition among the metro systems of Russia and the CIS winning the 1-st prize. In 2011, MUP Metroelektrotrans was named the best transport enterprise in Kazan.

Special attention is given to social and cultural activities. Metro workers and their families often participate in different concerts and are offered trips and entertainment programmes.

The metro team is actively supporting rehabilitation centres, orphanages, retirement homes and it is participating in charity events.

The transport company is an active participant of the federal programmes aimed at decreasing tension at the labour market.

MUP Metroelektrotrans collaborates with universities and regularly sends its workers to Kazan Energy University to receive good quality education.

MUP Metroelektrotrans joined the International Metro Association in 2006. It takes part in the exchange of experience among metro professionals getting useful information about the new developments in other metro systems.

Key Performance Indicators, 2012  
Total operational length (two tracks), km 11,2
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 7
            including number of stations with one exit -
Metro system density (sq.km per city km.) 0,032
Number of pairs of trains per hour 10,5
Minimum headway, sec 340
Fulfilment of train schedule, % 99,90
Inventory rolling stock, cars 47
Rolling stock in operation, cars 47
Total car/km, mio. 5,23
Number of depots 1
Average operational train speed, km/h. 48
Average train speed, km/h. 44,0
Power consumption, mio. kWh 16,62
             including power for train traction, mio. kWh 9,97
Specific energy consumption for traction, Wh per t/km 65,0
Number of substations 8
Length of power cable systems, km 52,0
Number of escalators in operation 14
Number of stations with escalators 3
Length of lines equipped with speed control systems, km., including: 13,7
             as a main signaling system, km. 13,7
             with seamless track circuit, km. 13,7
Number of switches 40
Number of ventilation shafts in operation 12
Number of ventilators in operation 23
Number of water drainage installations 59
Operational length of tunnels, km. 11,2
Staff responsible for operations, pers. 913
Total ridership, mio. pax. 26,86
Average daily ridership, mio. pax. 0,073
Cost of transportation of 1 passenger, rub. 31,3
Modal share, % 10,58



Address: 8, Esperanto st., Kazan, 420029 Russia

E-Mail: info@kazanmetro.ru

Tel.: + 7 843 533 70 02

Fax: + 7 843 277 10 50

Website: http://www.kazanmetro.ru